Friday, February 26, 2016

Always learning

I've been struggling with my latest series. It's about a one of my favorite characters, Stu from the Mandy series. Stuart is an awesome guy, sweet and quiet and goes put of his way to help his friends. He's also a bdsm dominant and has faced a lot of pain, heart break, and criticism for the way he likes to have sex. He keeps that part of his life hidden to avoid the stares and stereotypes associated with that. He's also a self made billionaire, which he keeps under wraps for the same reasons.
I totally understand the first part of his internal conflict. What I don't understand is the second part. I grew up poor. My parents worked hard and got us to middle class. But in the center of my psyche I am still that girl that grew up a poor country girl. I don't fully get being rich or the attitude that goes with it. Just like a person that grew up rich will never fully understand my attitude.
I spent two very frustrating weeks going over the same chapter, writing and discarding it. I finally started venting to my husband about it. He instantly perked up and started answering my questions that I had been stewing over the whole time. After taking notes and asking several more questions it finally dawned on me.
I knew he had grown up wealthy, upper class. But I didn't realize just how wealthy his parents had grown up. Upper crust old school wealthy. I knew his grandmother had a maid\cook and butler but I assumed it was because she was elderly. No, she was just that wealthy and that was the standard for her family. It was such a normal every day thing for him he didn't talk about it much.
We've been married for 11 years, together for thirteen. I was shocked at the depth of insight he had into the lives off the millionaires and billionaires. He informed me there is a difference between the two. Being who I am I didn't ask more than I needed to, or ask which of his family members were the millionaires and which the billionaires. You don't ask that about people where I come from. But it did make me insanely happy. After so long together I am still learning things about the man I share a life with, and I love that he can still surprise me.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fighting like kids

I'll admit, I am kind of an odd person. I am always amused by kids fighting with each other because they come up with the most random arguments and name calling. So the last few hours watching the GOP "debate" has left me with a sore stomach from laughing so hard.
Trump went on a mini tirade about a foreign official using a bad word. Rubio was tweeting during the debate making remarks about Trump. Cruz tried out yelling everyone, cause louder = more right? Carson pleaded, "Can someone attack me?" because he was getting no talking time. And that other guy, uh whoever he is, he had a few well thought out answers so they stopped asking him questions early on. It got so bad Trump asked for the moderator to ask someone else a question and leave him alone.
Hysterical. Too bad these are presidential candidates not kids on a playground. #GOPDebate