Safely Begun

This is my first compilation of books 1-3 of Mandy. Keep Her Safe; Safety Ropes; Safe and Secured
Recently out of an abusive relationship, Mandy is feeling the need to get wild and frisky, something that her controlling ex never allowed. He also never allowed her to be with her friends so a weekend camping trip with old friends is just what she needs to get back to her old self. And maybe, just maybe, one of her old friends would be willing to help her ease some of the tension that's been building up since she became single.
Kurt insists that she shouldn't go alone. He had promised to keep her safe and after failing once he isn't going to risk her running off into the woods with a bunch of guys he doesn't know. After losing his fiancee, his best friend who was Mandy's older brother, and nearly losing Mandy too, the only guy he trusts around her anymore is himself. 
But once they are alone in the woods he learns what she really wants and realizes that he wants the same thing. If they start down that road together he will need to figure out how to keep her safe while giving her what she needs.

Adult content #hot #steamy #love story that not even cold rivers and ice cubes can cool down.

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