I got this book a while back, and I had started reading it before I got distracted by my own work and some other books I had been asked to read. By the time I got back to reading it, I was only on page 4 or so, I felt like I had lost the story line. I, for sure, didn't remember what the book was about. But it was written so well that I rather liked the mystery of not knowing what I was reading. I could have read the blurb again except then I would have to pause in my reading and I did not want to do that. I had a quiet house, a storm, and I was curled up on the couch with my dogs and a hot cup of coffee. So I went in cold.

It seemed to be a wonderful story of love lost as told from three different perspectives. Including the perspective of the dead wife, which was a nice twist. It got me wondering if maybe her ghost was going to show up. Was this a romance? A super natural? A mystery? Then things started getting more complex. Then two of the characters started acting in ways I was not expecting at all. I checked the page count to see how much more of the story was left. There were too many pages left to be at this point in the story already! Maybe the story will continue past a happily ever after? Maybe there will be another revelation about his dead wife that throws him for a loop? Maybe the dog has something to do with it? I didn't know and had to keep reading! Where was this romance story going to end?!

And then the twist. The twistiest twist I have been twisted by in a long time.

I pulled my chin up off the floor and kept reading. Ho. Ly. Craaaaaaaaap! Wha?!

Ok! So it's not a romance! Wow!

And I kept reading. And I had to keep pulling my chin up. There is no way he's going to... holy crap again!

By the time I got to the end my chin was sore, the dogs weren't willing to sit near me because I kept moving around, and my coffee was cold and forgotten on the table. I chugged my cold coffee, flipped back a few pages to reread the end, and laughed out loud.

Excellent book.

It was originally written in French, and the flow makes that a little obvious. But the translation is great. There is no doubt about what is happening as the story progresses. However it is certainly not a typical American love story. Which made me love it even more. I did check the blurb once I was done reading and thankfully it doesn't give anything away either.

They were the perfect couple—but not all is as it seems.
Young married couple Gabriel and Chloé have a picture-perfect life. But when athletic Chloé suddenly drowns, Gabriel is left to grapple with the mysterious circumstances of her death. Brokenhearted, he pours out his grief in a bereavement group and is consoled by photographer Emma. While the two grow closer, Gabriel can’t help but feel Chloé’s presence everywhere he goes. And as revelations about Chloé slowly emerge, he begins to wonder, is Emma really that different?

Let me point out now, this is not a love story. This is a psychological thriller. It does require a tiny bit of suspension of belief for the legality of what happens with the twist. But despite that I thought it was a well written story that kept me interested and trying to guess what would happen next.

4.5/5 stars