Adam Dreece

Hello, how are you today? Tell us about yourself.
Thanks for having me on your blog! Before I head out to finish fixing up my booth at another comic-convention, I figured I’d steal some time and answer your thoughtful questions. As a former software-architect, now prolific author and full time dad, there’s nothing I enjoy more than writing and getting out there to tell people about it (as much as it terrifies me). Since launching my indie career in 2014, I’ve got 9 titles out, been in several boxsets, and am hoping to get my next title out for January (The Wizard Killer - Season 3).

What is the current book you are promoting?
While I came out with two books in April (The Day the Sky Fell and Season 2 of The Wizard Killer), I’m giving some extra attention to The Day the Sky Fell as it completes my steampunk meets fairy tale series, The Yellow Hoods.

Tell us about your world in your book.
The Yellow Hoods is a world of invention, adventure, and fairy tales made real. Set in what feels like the equivalent of the 1800s, with a few alternate history elements, I’ve deconstructed classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes and brought them to life. In the same way that Ring-Around-the-Rosie connects to the black plague for our world, I take apart Rub-a-Dub-Dub and other tales.

It’s an uplifting and fun world, with dangerous and poignant moments, but in the end, there’s that steampunk optimism.

What is your next project?
My next big project is launching a new universe called Tilruna. It’s a fantasy space-opera universe, and I’ve decided to ground part of its history and legacy in Shakespeare. The first book, Fall of House Andes, will release in September 2018. I took apart Hamlet, and leveraging my muscles I built up with The Yellow Hoods and taking apart fairy tales, I brought it to life in a way that’s fresh and new. I’ve had a LOT of fun writing it and I’m excited to bring my fourth universe to my readers.

How do you write your books?
How do you catch a tornado in a jar? You’re never really sure until it’s done. I think my writing is just like that. There’s a lot of paper all over the place, a lot of cursing and flailing about, a few moments that feel like genius, and then everything goes quiet. You’re standing there, sweat dripping from your forehead, a few sheets slowly swooning back and forth in the air, and your eyes are locked on the jar in your hands. Behind the glass, somehow, is the unbelievable.

What is one life lesson you have learned as an author?
You have to be fearless. No matter what you write, some people will hate it. If you’re unlucky, you’ll see reviews by a few of those people earlier rather than later, but you can’t let it eclipse the voice of your fans. If you put your best into it, if you make sure it is quality inside and out, then you’ve done your part and you should let yourself accept the supportive words of your fans, and not solely listen to the voices of the occasional detractor.

What do you love about being an author?
There’s nothing like taking something that started out as a moment of wonder, teasing it out into a story, and then bringing it to life as a whole new universe. Then when you compress all of that down into words, and someone else is able to bring it to life in their mind because of those words? It’s incredible.

What do you listen to when you write?
I actually build playlists for specific books I’m writing to focus my mind and emotions. For The Wizard Killer - Season 3, I’ve got some AWOLNation, some  Sleepwave, and Flyleaf. When writing The Yellow Hoods’ last book, The Day the Sky Fell, I had some Lindsey Stirling in there.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
I can’t believe they are out there and they have no idea how much their support voices mean to me. Thank you, all of you.

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