Scammers make the best penpals

 Joseph Lee
You're friends on Facebook (always good to start off a relationship as friends!)
Lives in Delta
THU 4:08PM

You are now connected on Messenger.
(This is how you know it was a true love story)

Joseph: Thanks for accepting my friend request. i will love to have a chat with you so we would be very Good friends hope you don,t mind?

Rebekah: Not at all. I'm just sitting here working now.

Joseph: You are very much welcome dear, Note that am new here on face book, I will like us to start by introducing about each other, You are very beautiful if i must Confess,

Rebekah: Thanks, where are you from?

Joseph: i'm from Carolina in united state of american,i'm the only son of my parents i lost my father and my mother i also lost my lovely wife left alone my son name Sterling,

Rebekah: Which Carolina? There are two (I should have asked if it was East or West Carolina)

Joseph: South Carolina,
So tell me sweetie are you married single or have kids?
(How easy is this?! I live in NC.)
Rebekah: Single again

Joseph: I have been single for many years now since i lost my late wife, now am looking for a soulmate, Note that am a very honest caring and God fearing man,

Rebekah: Oh, i suppose that's nice.

Joseph: So tell me Sweetie what you do for a living?

Rebekah: I'm not much of a believer in soul mates. People come and go. Most I wouldn't want to stay.
I'm an erotica author. (should have been a warning)

Joseph: I live in the states but I work offshore as a Production/Chemical Engineer. I am in an Oil rig 400 nautical miles into the Atlantic ocean off the coast of England. I am working with SHELL an oil exploration company in the Uk,

Rebekah: I know what Shell Oil is.

Joseph: I will be back in the States/home in three weeks time that's when my off starts I have been in this job for about 6yrs now and am quitting this time cos I want to get settle down again,

Rebekah: You're quitting your job in three weeks?
Are you going to take a stateside job with the same company?

Joseph: Yes am going to quite my Job, i have work here for over 6 years now, and we are well paid, So after i quite my job i will invest into oil and Gas, (quite! quite!)

Rebekah: Ok, well good luck with that.

Joseph: So dear can we both go into a relationship? (One for each of us!)
I am looking for and am interest in a relationship on a long term basis with one woman. I am by nature kind, romantic, very affectionate, understanding and very passionate and in intimacy I enjoy giving and receiving affection, and am very open-minded and adventurous as well.

Rebekah: Putting the future of yourself and your only child on the hope of gas and oil prices doesn't seem very safe. Not with so many pipeline leaks.
A relationship? What kind of relationship?

Joseph: I need a woman that we will both live together as husband and wife, woman that we love each other and get married, ("woman that we love", it sounds so romantic when he says it like that)

Rebekah: I've only barely gotten to know you and you're proposing all ready?

Joseph: Yes i know i am telling you the reason why am here and what am looking for? you the one who ask me what kind of relationship i want and i told you,

Rebekah: Good luck on finding such a relationship. Like I said, I don't believe in happily ever afters. That's why I write erotica. Not romance.
And erotica pays better too.
I already got rid of one husband. I see no reason to put myself in back in that situation.

Joseph: okay no problem, but note that i am a very honest caring man. (Noted! Everyone following along that he is an honest scammer. Ok?

Rebekah: Ok. I'm just not interested in tying myself down to just one man. Life has so much more to offer.

Joseph: I believe that God brought us together, at the right time, i promise you that with me you are going to fine so much joy an happiness (I'm going to fine him if he doesn't stop butchering English.)

Rebekah: could be. And I do enjoy joy and happiness.

Joseph: I'm adventurous, romantic, sweet, caring, honest, loyal and some would say sexy. I suppose it depends on your definition of sexy however. I love a good conversation and a great debate.

Rebekah: I'm adventurous, caring, strict, honest, sexy and a workaholic.
What kind of adventure do you like? (Anyone else see this warning sign? I thought it was fairly obvious. If you knew English at least.)

Joseph: I work hard with my mind and my hands and I am more "in tune" with life than most people. well educated professional man ,am a Cool ,respectful, and comprehensive person.Who really wants to experience love in its full sense.

Rebekah: hmmm maybe when you get back state side I can head down to meet you and show you one of the ways I like to experience loving. (And another sign. Rebekah is about to do what she does best.)
You'll have to sign an NDA and a waiver with your safe word clearly noted however. (I warned you!)

Joseph: Honey if really you ready then we must be in relationship now so before 3 weeks time that i will be back home we must have fall in love with each other, and also i can introduce to my son and you both get know each other more better, ("more better" made me flinch so hard I almost called it quits here.)

Rebekah: There's no way I could fall in love in only three weeks without bedding you at least once first.
And how will I know if I want to keep you if I haven't put you through your paces first?
You haven't even told me what your kinks are.

Joseph: Tell me what is your favorite color?

Rebekah: Tell me your favorite kink first.
Are you a top or bottom?

Joseph: I love to play football and i love to play with kids, and i like helping the poor, (football and play with kids. That means he's a bottom boy, right?)

Rebekah: That doesn't sound very adventurous.

Joseph: I am a loving,compassionate,understanding and very trust worthy and most of all honest.I love romance and all the good things that come with it.I also can fill your heart with alot of love and gift that you seek. I might not be the one for you but we will always be friends.This is what makes me different.

Rebekah: I'm more into a man that I can dress up like a pony. One I can whip until he runs like a proper show pony should. I need a man that will address me as Mistress when I take the bit out of his mouth. And will quietly go back to his stable on my ranch with all the other stallions at the end of the night. And one that knows his limits already. I'm not looking for a pony boy I have to train. I want one already broken to the saddle.

Joseph: In the world there are givers and takers, but unfortunately many of us have experienced the people who take more than they give. (And this right here is when I start to think he can't even read English. He's just copy pasting from a script. I can use that to my advantage if I insert the right words to trigger a response.)

Rebekah: My work tends to leave me with a lot of built up aggression and I need someone that is willing and able to help me work it out.

Joseph: Oh that do you mean? what do you said you need some one to help you work out? tell me and i will help you my dear, (Yup, just like I thought.)

Rebekah: I write a lot of erotica. Pony play mostly now because that's what my current kink is. That gets my juices flowing. Once I am done writing and my work is off to my publisher I need a physical diversion. A bad little ponyboy to put through his paces. One that deserves to be whipped, bent over, and ridden hard.

Joseph: Okay that is nice, i can help you do that dear,
I i will also help you publish it and it will be sold all over the world,

Rebekah: Or they are already being published around the world. That's how I can afford to have a horse ranch.

Joseph: Okay lovely so tell me do you live alone? or with your family?

Rebekah: Alone, except for the stallions I keep in my stable.
my little pleasure ponies as I like to call them.

Joseph: Okay all i just need from you is give me your heart and listen to me i will show you so much love joy and happiness,

Rebekah: You've already asked for my heart. I already denied it. You can have a saddle, a bit, and a spot in my stable. After the paperwork is filled out, and if you show well as I put you through your paces, you will also get a stipend and a local apartment for your days off. Nero did it right back in the day and I tend to follow his example.

Joseph: my dear since you do not want me there is no problem,

Rebekah: Now you're saying you don't want to be my ponyboy? (oops, I broke the script by using the word deny. Lemme fix this...)

Joseph: I want to be your ponyboy
God in heaven knows my heart i care about you,

Rebekah: Well if you don't want to join my herd that's fine
I thought you were looking for adventure

Joseph: I said i want join, are you not reading my message?
please try and ready my message, so tell me how can i join so i do that now sweetie,

Rebekah: Well herd members don't get the heart of the owner. As if a human could give her heart to her ponies. (I can't help myself! It's just too fun!)

Joseph: Okay so tell me how i can join the procedure

Rebekah: Pass medical, dental, and psychological tests. Then pass the physical. Sign the nda. The waiver. And then we'll put you through your paces to see if you qualify to join my other ponies

Joseph: Oh that is lovely i like it so when do you want me to start it, (This is a man really enthused about his ensuing anal probe and shots.)

Rebekah: It would all have to be done in person. So when do you get back to the states?

Joseph: I will be in the state in 2 weeks time by God grace,

Rebekah: What town?

Joseph: Carolina

Rebekah: Town, not state

Joseph: Note that am ready to relocate and live any where, any where that you like dear, (Nice dodge)

Rebekah: Yes, I just need to know where the lawyers and medical personnel should meet you. i assume you want to join me as soon as possible. So I will send them to meet you. Once you have passed those tests you can come to my stable to audition.
How old is your boy?

Joseph: He is 15 year old

Rebekah: Lovely!
Does he have any special interests in school?

Joseph: I promise you that am going to love you forever and show you so much love that no man can ever showed you, (You're not a man. You're a wannabe ponyboy.)

Rebekah: I could look around to find a good schooling situation for him.

Joseph: Oh yes dear he said that he want to be Doctor when he grow

Rebekah: A doctor? Perfect. I'll look for a good magnet school he can attend.
Oh, but I'm sure since you make so much money he's already in a good boarding school in Carolina

Joseph: Oh yes dear
He is in west Africa in school there now, so when am done with my work i will go there and pick him so we both come back to the state. (Note, Carolina is not in Africa.)

Rebekah: Oh, he'll be with you? 15 is a bit young to have around while I'm putting you through your paces.
I'm not sure a young man like that will appreciate seeing his father wearing a bridle, hooves, and pony ears. (Trying to be a little nice. And hoping he doesn't pretend to be a boy. Cause. Eww.)

Joseph: Baby that is not going to be a problem okay, leave that to me,

Rebekah: Ok, you're to father. You know what's best.
Makes me look forward to when he is old enough to introduce him to medical play.

Joseph: Honey will you love to be talking to him so you both get to know each other better?

Rebekah: Once he's done with his schooling and is an adult.
My line of work, and especially my line of pleasure, isn't suitable for kids to be around. Gotta keep the kids safe and protected after all.

Joseph: I said should i give you his email

Rebekah: Oh no. That wouldn't be proper at all. You and I need to meet first. At the very least and make sure things will work between us. You don't know how strict I plan to be with your paces yet.
And whether or not you will be able to endure what I plan to do to you.
Most men can't handle me. Which is why I go through so many of them.

Joseph: okay (okay!)

And this, dear readers, is apparently where his supervisor came over and realized what I was saying. It's been 5 long days since I lost my love. My first potential ponyboy. But I hope by "God grace" he will come trotting back to me one day. So that I can give him the whipping he truly deserves.