Darker Daze

Darker Daze

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Darker Daze is a short horror collection that will rock you on your heels. Each story is short, to the point, amazing, and razor sharp, rather like a stiletto. Or like the lovely A.L. Mabry herself.

The stories run a gamut of types from the magical to the morbidly mundane. And I felt that each of them deserves its own little shout out. And maybe trigger warnings.

Sweet Release, a desperate lonely woman in an abusive marriage finally gets what she has been wanting for so long. And a new start for a new year.
Last Call is a short sexy story about another type of sweet release.
Next Best Seller, that has convinced me to never fly anywhere with Mabry, is a wonderfully dark and twisted tale that ends in other extremely twisted tales.
Bonita is a story of a young girl determined to take matters into her own hands, before fate intervenes.
Belladonna is a beautiful girl up for sale and willing to do anything to make her daddy happy.
Rooftops and Teardrops is a sad, realistic story that will have you cheering as the cops take him away.
Sibling Rivalry is a "holy shit!" short, sharp brutal, reality of sibling rivalry.
The Final View, a painful look into overwhelming pain at the loss of a child.
Beneath Salem, a detailed view into the twisted hearts of witch hunts and the love of a dog for its human.
More Than Stolen Hearts will have you smiling as she snatches your heart away too.

A completely delightful, twisted, funny, brutal, disturbing mix of stories that will make you cast a side eye at Mabry next time you see her posting her normal, cheerful, happy banter on FB. Whether you know her unicorn side or not, you should pick up a copy of her book. And remember, terrifying things can come in small packages.

 Speaking terrifying things in small packages, check out A.L. Mabry and see what else she has to offer.
About the Author
A.L. Mabry is one of the founders of and the Executive Marketing Manager for Our Write Side (OWS Ink, llc), an online community for writers, readers, publishers and more. She writes occasional articles on OWS focused on the connection between life and writing. She publishes articles on Medium and also has a weekly writing prompt; Coldly Calculating: Writing By The Numbers: Putting a dark twist on colloquial phrases with a numbers theme. She was previously the Editor in Chief for Eat, Sleep, Write and once ran a successful special needs blog, Rage Against the Washing Machine which has since been retired. She is a highly sought freelance writer who specializes in research-based writing. This allows her to provide quality content on a variety of topics. She enjoys helping other authors find their way with private coaching and sharing what she has learned from personal experience, for example, this post on Perfecting Your Bio. As an author, she enjoys writing in all genres and forms, even grocery lists.  She is an artist at heart and Wiccan by nature with an obsessive love of vampires, kilts, and blue butterflies. She is passionate about many topics, and her posts and stories are often laced with the snarky sense of humor one acquires from raising five teenagers, all at once.

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