Take Charge comes out

My latest book, Take Charge, is out at Smashwords. It will be available soon on Amazon as well. It's a story about a wife who is fighting with herself about what she should want, as opposed to what she does want. And what she ends up getting, when she does find the strength to ask for more. Because husbands have needs as well. And there is give and take in any good relationship.

If you read this book please leave a review for it too. Reviews are what tell me what I am doing right and wrong. And I do so love to hear from people that have read my books. Thanks
-Rebekah Jonesy

Ruth is a normal wife, living a normal life. She has everything she has always been told that she needs. A husband she loves and who loves her back, two healthy and happy children, a beautiful home and a fulfilling job. So why does her body and soul seem to yearn for more? Why does she seek out a certain kinky type of book to read when her husband is sleeping at night? When she reads one of her favorite blogs, Candy Land, she thinks she might have found a way to get that bit more that she craves. All she has to do is work up the nerve to take charge, and hope that her husband is willing to do the same to her. But will she like what happens when he has some requests of his own?

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