Do Over

"I very much enjoyed this story. Once again the author has an original plot and storyline. I enjoyed the characters and their serendipitous ending. Love the steamy scenes as well. So wish my sex life was this good. Look forward to more from Rebekah Jonesy"

Joan Pearson is a workaholic who is back in her hometown for the first time in years. She loves her job. It gives her the chance to travel to exciting new places and always challenges her. It has also left her feeling frustrated and alone because she had to leave behind the people she cares about. 
Brad Mikelson, her college crush, could have been one of those people. But they never got a chance to explore what they had between them. Now he's hotter than ever, single and willing to give it a second chance. 
But it seems like the bad luck that plagued their budding relationship before hasn't faded. Kismet might prove just as cruel now as it did then. She will have to work against it to have a chance at a successful do over.

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