Adventures in candy

No, not that Candy. Real candy. The sweet gooey, crunchy, creamy holiday candy tyat holidays are made for. Every year around this time I invite friends and family over and we make candy together. This year was a doozy. My best friend fell and couldn't make it, her daughter was sick and also couldn't make it. That left me and the three kids, my niece and nephews. And we made a glorious, delicious, sticky mess. The dog was very appreciative of all the stuff on the floor but pouted when I wouldn't let her eat the chocolate fudge that was spilled.
Together we made Grandma's sugar cookies, a family tradition. Then we decorated those a bit with buttercream frosting. The chocolate fudge lost too much in the spill and I don't think it will ever set up properly. I told the kids to eat it was a spoon when they got home. Chocolate covered cherries that were immediately demolished. Peppermint bark that my niece had a wonderful time breaking apart. I sent the kids home with tins full of the goodies they had made. My niece decided to add a little something to her tin cover after hearing something on the news. I swear I did not prompt her to do it either.

After that I needed a shower to get all the sugar off of me before heading out with friends to see a Christmas light show that was a lot more fun then I had thought it would be. We even got to see a camel!That was unexpected. We got home late but I still had some holiday baking to get done. I made seven loaves of banana bread for my friends. I had already made pumpkin bread and handed that out. Now the loaves are done and wrapped to be passed out tomorrow along with the candy and cookies that were left over from today.

This is the real reason I love this time of year.