Thursday, January 28, 2016


That strange feeling when you wake up from a restless sleep and grab a glass of milk before sitting down at the computer to furiously pound out the scene in your head before it completely dissipates. Fingers flying over the keys, typos be damned. That's what spellcheck is for and I can deal with that after coffee. For now I have to get this out. I have to get it all written down. This fabulous narrative that coalesced in my brain and dragged me from my slumber. This story that won't be stopped, it has to be finished and finished now!

All done. Relaxed. Browsing over it to see what needs to be added and make sure it all makes sense. Then it hits me. I write romance novels. Was this inspiration? Or lovely erotic dream? I light a cigarette and realize, it doesn't really matter in the end. My readers will never know.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Safe or in the Dungeon?

Over the last few months I have seen my book sales on Amazon drop remarkably. I couldn't understand why either. I know that Smashwords is better for self publishing romance novels but after a solid month of 0 sales on Amazon I knew something had to be wrong. After a bit of digging I realized I had been sent to the "Adult" dungeon.

As kinky and fun as that sounds it really isn't. Being in the dungeon means that your book won't show up in a search. Which means no one can find your book or buy it. And no one tells you the safe word. Or the not-so-safe word that you used as a tag that landed you in the dungeon in the first place.

If you are a romance of erotica author that is suddenly noticing a decline in your Amazon sales check here to see if you are labeled as "safe" or "adult". If you do have the adult label check through your tags to figure out what got you flagged. If all of your tags are good take a good look at your blurb too. Check your cover. "Hand bras" are no longer allowed for some reason. Some people have said that the position of female legs might also be a no no. If all else fails email kdp support and ask them why your book got flagged.

I managed to get almost all of my books out of the dungeon and back on the shelves. Already my sales are going back up. Hopefully this post will help others get back to selling and keep the sexy flowing on Amazon.