Fighting like kids

I'll admit, I am kind of an odd person. I am always amused by kids fighting with each other because they come up with the most random arguments and name calling. So the last few hours watching the GOP "debate" has left me with a sore stomach from laughing so hard.
Trump went on a mini tirade about a foreign official using a bad word. Rubio was tweeting during the debate making remarks about Trump. Cruz tried out yelling everyone, cause louder = more right? Carson pleaded, "Can someone attack me?" because he was getting no talking time. And that other guy, uh whoever he is, he had a few well thought out answers so they stopped asking him questions early on. It got so bad Trump asked for the moderator to ask someone else a question and leave him alone.
Hysterical. Too bad these are presidential candidates not kids on a playground. #GOPDebate