Keep Her Safe

Keep Her Safe
"The characters are fun. I enjoyed the original story plot. The leading lady had some issues, it was good to see her work through some of her issues. The leading guy was a good character and I liked seeing the change his character made. The friendships are awesome. I really liked the different personalities. Can't wait to see what this author comes up with."

"I love how the author gets in the main character's head and you see all her self doubt about herself and everything that she has been through in life. You also see her love interest working things out in his own head to overcome everything he has thought should be a certain way only to realize he didn't give the main character enough credit. Can't wait to read the next book and see where things lead between them!"

"The plot is original. both the H and h are strong without being jerks. I'll probably try another book by this author"

Obligation forces stoic and reserved Kurt to accompany Mandy on a trip to the mountains with her friends. Mandy is fresh out of an abusive relationship and she is determined to find herself, and her sexuality, again. After failing to keep her safe before, Kurt is determined that no one will hurt her again. In order to do that he has to let go of his old pains, and see Mandy as more than just his old friend's little sister.

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