Two Faced Wife

What do you do with a husband that always has his eye out for other women? You put on your face before you go out and tell him to come find you.

"Another amassing book by this author. There is so much detail in the good parts that u feel as though ur there. You don't miss a thing. GREAT READ!!!!!!!"

Tim's wife Laura has been sneaking around. He doesn't want to believe that she could be cheating on him. But when she sends him a to do list that sends him all over town, he fears the worst. The list seems to be designed to lead him to a very specific place where a very hot blonde is waiting for him. He's not sure if its a trap or a coincidence when she propositions him. But he does know that something about this woman will make him test the limits of his marriage vows. And hopefully will show him the face his wife has been hiding.

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