Boding Evil

Boding Evil

I really wanted to like this book. The actual writing was great. It was very descriptive. But the plot jumps all over the place and is full of holes. There is no continuity of events. What seems important on one page gets discarded later. And it happens in three eras, with little to no connection. And even worse, there was no ending. It just stopped. 

It starts with a man being upset at a diner. It flashes back a few hours to him being kept in one very large stretch of highway and seeing the same exit for a town over and over again.  Then it flashes back to him as a kid getting ready to move to the town. His family moves to the town. Except one daughter who stays behind, somehow, to finish out school. She is only referenced once more in the book, and the timeline and reason no longer makes sense. Then you meet the big bad. Or the big bad's child? Maybe? And there are references to his mom and how she looks like the last woman to live in the evil house. That goes nowhere. And doesn't fit in with the thing that attacked. Then a reason for the attack is given. And that goes nowhere. Then another thing attacks. And another flash back to a very short story of the last family that lived there. And that story doesn't make sense either. It literally contradicts itself as it is being told.

Jump back to the second flashback where the majority of the story is being told. And the second big bad is "attacking". Except it doesn't attack in the same way that it attacked the first time. At all. And it isn't the same. And the first big bad is completely forgotten. Oh wait, now the first big bad is back. And things happen. Somehow. Ok, now dad gets a warning. In a dream. From a dead guy. That is connected to the second big bad. The first big bad attacks again. And that pushes dad to action. Then the second big bad.... implodes? attacks? dirties the house up somewhat? I dunno. But we're expected to believe that a big bad supernatural power strong enough to loop reality and keep a truck driving the same stretch of fifteen miles for hours on end attacks by a smoke plume that doesn't hurt anyone. Or even do anything except show ghosts that don't hurt anything except canned goods on a shelf once.

It's very confusing.

If this story line could be straightened out it could be good. But as it is nothing bad even happens to any of the main characters. A family that is only tangentially connected to the main characters are killed. And the family is scared out of their home. The end?

It's supposed to be a supernatural horror but the supernatural never gets explained fully and the horror just never happens. A real bobcat attack is scarier than what happens in this book. And literally the most suspenseful part of the book is the boy mowing the grass.

The super short horror story added as an extra at the end is better than the main story.

0.5/5 If it gets revised it could be great, but as it is now it's a waste of time to read.