Angel's Dance

Angel's Dance

Angel's Dance is the sequel to Heidi Angell's book Elements of a Broken Mind. If you haven't read that one, which I also loved, you really should. If you choose to miss out on that wonderful book you can read the second book on it's own. This story picks up only 6 months after the first book. Six long, life changing months after the explosive ending.

Clear is a psychic who has been working to harness her abilities or at least build mental walls strong enough to let her interact with people more easily. She is interrupted one stormy night by Grant pounding on her door. Grant's daughter, Kat, has been kidnapped and the police have no leads. A daughter he had never mentioned to her. Clear, and her psychic abilities, is his only hope. Despite the fact that she nearly died the last time she helped him, and that she will have to travel to a large city to look for the girl, she can't say no to him.

As usual, Heidi's story snags you from the first page, taking you through a fast paced race to save a teenage girl. Clear struggles to find the one voice, the one thought in a city of nearly 3 million people that will give them a clue to where they can find Grant's daughter.

Chicago, far larger than any city she had yet experienced. Could she handle it? Clear was terrified by the idea. Her past experiences in large towns had been overwhelming to the point of debilitation, and those cities were nothing like Chicago.
Heidi Angell. Angel's Dance (Kindle Locations 157-159). Heidi Angell. 

Clear's struggles are made harder working beside a frantic and emotional Grant, his ex wife, and his ex partner. Things did not end well between them and they clash nonstop, giving Clear a nonstop headache while she hunts down the "oogy" man that Kat interacted with.

Clear felt the pressure building in her head again and the emotional-roller-coaster-that-was-Laura was more than she could take at that moment.
Heidi Angell. Angel's Dance (Kindle Locations 1264-1265). Heidi Angell. 

Dealing with police that don't want them there, parents that refuse to believe the truth, teens with wildly fluctuating emotions and hormones, and her own emotional turmoil at working with Grant again, Heidi shows her immense writing talent by showing us the immense internal and external struggles her characters deal with without losing the sight of the bigger picture.

Find Kat before the man who took her completely destroys her body and mind.

“The girl with Kat. Oh Grant, we have to hurry, or Kat will die too.”
Heidi Angell. Angel's Dance (Kindle Location 1313). Heidi Angell. 


  1. Aw, thank you for that thoughtful review. Glad Clear resonates with you! The third book will be out in 2018. Promise!


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