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Recently I joined a new site, A Novel Connection. It's like a Netflix for books. Pay the monthly subscription and get all the books on their list for free. The list gets added to every week so there is always something new to read. It has books for every genre from kid's erotica, including one from yours truly. And for the authors that sign up and host their books you get a free membership as well. The site also welcomes scouts from different publishing groups too for those that want to get representation. Be sure to pop over and check it out to see if they have something for you.

To read these books for free and dozens of others, subscribe to A Novel Connection. $1.99/month. Unlimited downloads. New books every week.

Check out up and coming author, Kayla Kirby ​
Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson
 by Sarah Hays
 It is a story based on the real-life events of her daughters. Allyson is always getting into trouble and Breanna has to get her out of sticky situations! Sometimes, it’s hard to be a big sister! But, through it all, they’re the best of friends!

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by H.L. Roberts 
 Fame. Money. Glory. These were all the things that you would expect from being famous. The bait that the producers of the industry would tempt you with to get you on their side. What they don't tell you though are all the 
inner tragedies that come along just as quickly. They don't tell you about the heartache that occurs when you realize that this wasn't what you wanted at all. They don't tell you about the pressure that's always on the verge of crushing you when you're forced to do everything that the public demands for and not what you truly desire. They don't tell you about the self hatred that would soon take over your entire being at the thought that you will never be good enough. No - they don't tell you these things at all. But, Lilith Rose will. When Lilith Rose, lead singer to one of the most famous rock bands around gets tired of all the lies and secrets that comes with being famous. She decides that it's time for all of it to stop and ends up revealing everything on a Facebook live stream. The result... "Part of me wants to die tonight, part of me wants it to be an accident, and part of me wants someone to notice and save me." - Lilith Rose
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Lizzie in the Land Beyond
 by Susan McDonough Wachtman
 Hijacked by witches, kidnapped by a dwarf and enraptured by river sprites -- will Lizzie ever manage to go home? And if she can, will she want to? Lizzie is an exhausted honor student and an 
enthusiastic amateur folk singer. She wakes one day in a strange and terrifying new land. The women who revive her tell her she can never go home because they scooped her up when she was about to die. Lizzie must somehow navigate this fantastic land, try to determine how she got fished out of her life in the first place, help the people of the land understand that they are about to be colonized, and find a way, if any, to get home again. But if she does find a way — will she really want to go?

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Summer of Love: Lips and Verse
 by Charles Edward York
 Summer, the time of sun, fun & reflection, the time when the soul has a chance to expand and contract. The time for someone to fully breathe and connect with the world around them. These 55 poems by Charles Edward York, poet activist, is a spontaneous exploration of his inner and outer universe during the summer of 2017. Some of these moments are intimate and others spiritual and philosophical. Either way, a summer one will remember.