The West Woods

The West Woods is an intriguing young adult story about a teenager, Courtney, who is looking for a way out of the boarding school she had always wanted to attend. Courtney is the youngest daughter and has always felt like she had to live up to the example set by her sister. She had hoped that by going to the prestigious school her sister and father went to that she could find some way to shine bright enough to get out of her sister's shadow. Things didn't work out that way however, and as the book starts out she is regretting her decision to try. All she wants is to get out of the school and go back to her public school where she can run track again, the only place she really shines.

But her father, who loved the school, demands that she give it another try. He gives her a compromise, if she can prove to him that she learned enough about the school and still doesn't want to attend then he will revisit the idea of her changing school.

"Courtney pay attention. The West Woods are the key."

"We're not even allowed in the woods."

"Ah, but did you ever wonder why?" 

Determined to prove to her father that she really is trying, Courtney makes a list of all the things she believes she will need to accomplish in order to go back home.

Get Home List
1. Master the secrets of St. Augustus - know more than Dad.
2.Win at swimming.
3 Make team captain.

That sets in motion events she had never expected. The magical secrets that start with a key and a wishing fountain on the campus pull her down strange paths until she barely recognizes herself. Her friends see what is happening to her and try to help her. But she has to finish her list. She has to master the secrets and succeed at swimming even if it destroys everything else she loves. There's no stopping her now. It's what she wished for.

When you inadvertently wish to master magical secrets long buried the consequences start to stack up. Courtney can't stop herself. She ends up dragging all of her friends, everyone who knows about the fountain, and everyone that gets in her way, down with her.

Stay tuned next week when I interview the author that wrote this wonderful book, Suzy Vadori. And of course if you want to read this book yourself, which I give a solid 5/5, click the link at the top or visit Suzy's author page.