The Yellow Hoods- Along Came a Wolf

You guys notice those nice shiny awards that are on this cover? They are well deserved. Adam Dreece deserves those awards. This book, Along Came a Wolf, is the first book about The Yellow Hoods. I have no clue how it is going to end but I loved every minute of the start.

Lemme start off by explaining, this isn't a story. It's a ride. A hilarious, spin the top, mile a minute, laugh riot. I loved it. I will be reading all of his books. (Fair warning since I am going to post reviews for all of those as well.) I love goofy. I love smart, wily characters. I love adventure. I love mystery. I love stony faced bad looking guys that are actually the good guys. I like sneaky, snarky villains that are bested by quick thinking, compassionate good guys.

That's actually the main reason this post is going up late. I loved this book so much I queued up the next book and just kept reading. Then I had to go back and remember only what was in this book so I could write about it without giving the story away. Oops.

Now lemme tell you about the conductors of this ride. You have three awesome kids. Tee, who makes great puns and loves to invent and build things. Elly, who is loyal to the point of risking her life and helps Tee build and test her inventions. And Richy, who isn't as brave as his friends but also won't let them down and sometimes even teaches them a thing or two. And their tree house. A tree house that was built, and stocked, perfectly for them. By who? They don't know. But it keeps getting better. Maybe it's magic? Maybe you learn in the books to follow? Only one way to find out!

And the adults. Oh these poor adults. Tee's parents have a crossbow they keep on hand with a bolt that has a rope attached. So they can catch their daughter before she goes flying over the cliff in one of her inventions. Again. Nikolas is the mother's father. And he is so soft hearted. So kind and caring and loving. He can't help but help everyone that needs it. And with his brilliant mind and wondrous inventions he can help a lot of people. Or his kind heart might lead to his inventions being used by evil men.

Which is where the story takes us. A wolf has come prowling. Looking for an invention he thinks Nikolas has. He will do anything, and gladly hurt anyone, in order to get it. His name and reputation are on the line and that is all that he cares about. He may not be as smart as Tee and Nikolas, but he is a wily, sneaky one. And he has no scruples to slow him down.

This is definitely a series you will want to read. If you love steam punk, sci-fan, or just good silly fun for all ages, read this book. But have the next one ready to read too. One just isn't enough.