Perfect Break

Perfect Break by [Chartschenko, Anaïs]
my heart broke and mended 

This is, without a doubt, the most heartbreaking and wonderful book I have read all year.

And one of the most important.

Yes, I said important. And I meant it. 

It is easy, as adults, to forget the pain and drama and trauma and confusion of being a teenager. Well this amazing author, Anais Chartschenko, did not forget. She didn't forget what some kids go through. She didn't forget the painful things that some teens see happening to their friends and how it affects them. And she didn't forget how sometimes trying to help those teens can make things even worse. But that they still need our help.

Excerpt from Perfect Break

Dearest Maddie,

I’ve seen
And a
Did you
Know Mount
Saint Helens
Up and ash
Rained down on
The cities?
I talked to an
Old woman who
Lived here and
She told me. It
Coated her throat,
Her car, her house,
Even the sidewalk
Was gray with the
Stuff. It reminds
Me of the feeling
I get in my stomach
When I know you aren’t
Telling me something.
What is the volcano,
Maddie? All you’re
Sending me is ash.


I cried so many tears as I read this. I'm starting to cry again as I write this. You can feel the pain and confusion is every line of this book. The story is written in a very unusual style. It's a back and forth conversation between two teenage girls that are best friends. Each of them has gone through a major shift and they are separated. This is the only way they can keep in touch.

For one of them her life becomes unexpectedly better, much better.
For the other, it gets worse. And worse. And worse.
And their reactions are perfectly normal teenage reactions

Get this book. Read this book. Donate this book to your local library. Even if it doesn't help you. I guarantee you that there are kids and teens out there that need to read this. So they will also understand the truth behind this story. 

It's not your fault. 


  1. I think the same of the Weightless One... beyond being a brilliant book, it's an important read and will be including it in my top 10. Can't wait to read this one to compare notes :D Cheers


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