Perfect Break - inside look

Yes, I already posted my review of this amazing story in prose. But I talked with the author and got her approval to post some excerpts too. Hopefully you will be able to see how this touched me so deeply.

And it goes on like that. Each girl talking to her best friend. The names they use reflecting how they feel. As each of them tries to understand, and tries to reach out across the void that is growing between them.

Saint Helens DNA


I looked
Up Mount
Saint Helens
After your
The pictures
Are something!
I wish I could
Have been there,
Coated in a real
Substance that others
Could easily see. Then
They’d know and there
Wouldn’t be this weird
Disconnect. I don’t know
How to talk about this stuff
Right now. My mom told me I
Look too much like him. I went
To the mirror and I tried to
Wipe the him part off my face
But it’s stuck. It’s in me. It’s




You look like
You to me. Not
Your mom or your
Dad, truly. Just
Like you.

When my mom was
Dying, my grandma
Yelled at me in the
Hospital. I’d forgotten
To put on my mask,
And she lost it.
She told me I was
Killing mom, and it
Was my fault. My fault

My fault.
It played in my head
A long time, Madness,
Until she asked for
My forgiveness. I guess
What I’m trying to say is

When everything falls
Apart, people are just
Pieces of who they should

And eventually we come
Back together again.
Maybe a different shape,
Like now there is Rachel,
But still a family puzzle.

I hope this makes sense.
Sorry people are cruel
When they are freaking out.

Claire Bear

Puzzle This

Lair of Claire,

I’m sorry. I
Shouldn’t have
Brought up my
Mom. I didn’t mean
To make you think
Of your mom. I

Don’t know.

They told me
I’m going with
Him when he leaves
He’s going to rent
An apartment. Where?

Don’t know.

I have a bruise
On my face, it’s
Nothing. I’m
Having a clumsy
Summer. I’m glad
Your family is
Coming back together.

I’m thinking

About your


I ordered this book in paperback. And when I get it, I will hug it. And then I will donate one of them to my local library. Because more people need to see this, read this, hear this, remember this, know this. 

It's not your fault

 Another thing I will hug when I finally get to see her, is this amazing woman.

Cause the happiness I have in my heart IS all her fault. And so is this book. And a lot of other books I have greatly enjoyed. Check her out. Hopefully I will be able to have her on in the future to do an interview too. Then we can find out what 's up with her gnomes too. And her #00bananas

Anaïs Chartschenko hails from the Canadian wilderness. She has come to enjoy such modern things as electric tea kettles. Her published works include:
 Bright Needles  
The Whisper Collector
The Weightless One
Perfect Break


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