Sometimes in life were lucky enough to find a book that is so good, so fine, that we want to find the author and feed them cookies and coffee and just give them a hug and beg them to write another book. This is how I felt after reading Nahtaia by Lilian Oake.

Now I have read books by Lilian before. You might remember that I did a book review for The Dragon Cager. And yes I loved that book too. But there was something different about this book, it was just good, clean, sweet, fun adventure. It was also incredibly well written. Now one of the ways this book is a bit different is, it was originally written on Wattpad. At the request of her fans she did not send it through an editor. So there are some typos, but that in no way detracts from the story itself.

This is the story of Nahtaia, a moon fairy in the land of Jaydur. She is a very curious and strong-willed fairy. And of course her curiosity gets her into trouble when she meets a family of humans. Interacting with, or even be seen by, humans goes against the laws of the fairy. To make matters worse, Nahtaia broke this law repeatedly while she was being punished for breaking another law. She knows that as soon as the Ministers find out what she has done she is going to be in even bigger trouble. What she didn't expect was to be punished so quickly, by the powers higher than the Ministers, The Voices of Jaydur. After a mistake that shrinks the human teenager, Kale, down to fairy size Nahtaia is immediately punished with the loss of her wings and her magic.

Hoping to redeem herself, and undo what she has done to Kale, she sets off to plead her case to the Voices. Oren, a pine fairy who has always shown great interest in Nahtaia, goes with her. He swears up and down that he is doing this to get her out of trouble, like he has always done. But Nahtaia doesn't see it that way. She swears up and down that Oren has always been the one to get her into even more trouble.

How much trouble can a wingless, magicless, headstrong and cranky fairy get into while traveling on foot across the world with a miniaturized human teenager and an arrogant, pushy, but extremely loyal pine fairy? More than any of them could imagine. Each day brings a new encounter and helps teach Nahtaia the values of friendship and why the rules she so blithely broke were enforced in the first place.

This book is a laugh a minute that will have you falling in love with all of the characters, even the rat. The author says that this is a young adult novel but truthfully this story is good for people of all ages, so long as you like good stories. All of her stories are great. But this one is lighthearted and just makes you feel good while you're reading it. 

I mean look at this face! You can't doubt that she writes about fun loving, mischievous characters! Or that she loves her fans. 

Edit to update. Nahtaia is going through some upgrades! It's going to get a fabulous new cover and is going to be professionally edited as well. I can't wait for the new book but I am glad I got the original too.