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Greeting Guests! I know what you are looking for so without further ado, I give you-

Hello everyone. Even though I’m sure I need no introduction, I will give you my name. You may call me Leucosia, siren daughter of Melpomene and Achelus, god of the rivers. If you are well traveled and knowledgeable, you might even have seen the crabs named after me. The spotted crab that is so adorable, and good at cleaning up my scraps for me. I am sure you are all wondering what I’m doing in this small New Jersey town. The answer should be obvious, I’m waiting for visitors like you. 
You see eating the locals isn’t a great idea. Not when I can use them as my servants. I've lived here only a short time, just a smidge over 100 years. And in that time the locals have grown quite fond of me. They supply me with a place to stay, fresh fish to eat, and years of entertainment as I warp their poor, little, male minds to my every whim. 
Now I'm not saying the food here is plentiful, or even good. The deck hands that move through here, working on the boats or docks, are just as tainted as the fish pulled from these polluted waters. But every now and then, Pappa or one of his sisters sends me fresh meat from the homeland. Those constructs, though tasty, are usually too small to make a full meal. And without a soul to eat as well, it's just not as filling. But hopefully soon I will get a full sized meal. Flesh, pain, magic, and a soul. What all the Fomoir need to stay healthy and sane.
If you would like to hear more about my tale, or my tail, why don’t you come a little closer. Have a seat. And I will sing you a song-

Ok, none of that now. 
You can read her origin story in Greek Mythology, and to read the origin story of the “fresh meat” who also comes to America from "the homeland", please check out my freebie short, Out of Shadows available to those who sign up for my newsletter.
If you would like to READ Leucosia’s tail, er story, you can find it on Amazon soon for preorder.

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