Highborn Longwalker by Joshua Robertson

Highborn Longwalker

It's the end of an era folks. The final book of this series has been written. And after everything we've read, about Falmagon, the Kluks, the Kaligulas, Melkorka, Mjomir, Branimir, Nedezdha, it's good to know just how right I was.

Falmagon is a jerk.
And he got what he deserved.

Even as karma is meted out against him, he *still* thinks to himself, “only a lesser being would think this is karma/justice. I'm super special and this is a test to prove I am better.” Really made me want to poke him in his good eye.

And while this story does focus on Falmagon, the jerk, it also wraps up the beginning of the story quite nicely. It is the missing piece that lines everything up nicely, explains just how perfectly each story merges in with the other, and puts all the tools and pieces into place and into play.

And my two favorite characters are talked about in here as well. Branimir and Dorofej pop in a few times and you get to see who they were before the world starts to fall apart and they are required to fight for their lives and struggle to keep the world safe.

If you have the rest of this series you really need to finish it out with this final book. And if for some strange reason you know me well enough to read my blog and don't already have this series, I have good news. You can now buy the entire series as a box set. He has a fabulous new editor, Christie Stratos that gets his work and as such has made his books even better, so for sure check out that box set.

Audiobooks are also rolling out for you weirdos that listen to your stories.

But do not fret! There are already more books planned for this world. And the Deathless Series will start rolling out soon as well. I can't wait!

If you want to stalk the author, Joshua Robertson, like I do you can find all his info on his website and even sign up for some free books.

And if you want a phenomenal editor you should of course check out Christie Stratos.