Creepy Pasta

I've been on the internet a long time now. Back in the day where the trolls were wild and would send hookers and pizza to your door. Back when the creative juices were flowing and pirating from major companies was a normal thing that didn't end in life sentences. It was a wild time of learning and creating.

One of the things that was created was CreepyPasta. This is the clean and edited version of it. But I remember watching them come to life. And even, in tiny ways, being part of the progression/evolution of the stories.

CreepyPastas started out life as horror stories. Usually in a group where people were sharing their favorite stories or real life experiences. From there people would either quote, or copy and paste, what was said before and build on it. The stories became chain stories. Those were hard to follow however because in order to read the whole thing you would have to go back, link by link, to find the first part. And copy/pasting all of those one after another took a lot of time. They were also all super creepy and tracking them backwards was almost a let down as the story actually devolved that way.
Can you see it? Lurking. Waiting.

Thus, a new term was coined. It was creepy(instead of copy)pasta(instead of paste) because everyone had a hand in making the story a whole. It was often like the old saying, too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the soup. In order to keep that from happening once a story evolved far enough it was deemed creepypasta and sent off to live the rest of it's life at the new website which I linked above. It's been over ten years since that started and it continues to this day.

If you have ever heard the story of The Rake, or Slenderman, or the Back-eyed Children, those are all creepypastas. And as is the obvious case with Slenderman it was not always used for good, or even lighthearted scaring the pants off of each other. That particular story took on a savage life of its own.

Which did not stop the creatives. In true internet fashion it actually brought a new life to the creepypasta community. And they have flourished, I am happy to say. To this day the collection of authors, artists, regular people, goons, and weirdos are all still working together to make realistic tales out of your wildest nightmares. And it is awesome.

If you haven't read them before go take a look. If you have read them before, go see what new chapters have been added to your favorite monsters. And if you want to chat about it hit me up at my book group Bekah's Books on Facebook or comment below.