I've got merchandise!

I couldn't help myself. And I didn't even really want to try. As soon as I wrote about Gillian's necklace in Moss and Clay I wanted to know what it would look like. So when I had a few minutes to play I came up with the above design. Tatted by a brownie woman from hair harvested from Gillian and Ardan it holds one of their tears. Ardan's holds Gillian's tear that she shed when she realized she had to leave him and her home. Gillian's holds Ardan's tear that he shed when he was given such a precious gift, and that it was the only piece of his daughter he was going to be able to keep. Mab added in her own thread so that she would always have a connection to her daughter, no matter how far she went or how long she was gone.

And of course I HAD to make something for Pitch. This was hand drawn for me by a friend and fan. Now I have a shirt I can wear with one of my characters on it. How cool is that?! 

You can grab some for yourself, on whatever kind of gear you want, at my publisher's store at