A new chapter

For the past ten years I have been following my husband around the country, from base to base, living the military life. I knew what I was signing on for, but I never realized how hard and exciting it would be. The hardest part was not having a steady job. I've always been a hard worker and thought I could just transfer with my job to wherever we moved. But during that first move my company went out of business and I was left unemployed in a town that didn't trust hiring military spouses.

Instead of working a 9-5 job I found myself working small part time jobs, picking up whatever I could. We didn't really need the extra money, we got by on his wages. It was more that I needed something to do with my time. For a long time I was catering food to the men my husband worked with. I love cooking for people that appreciate good food. And a lot of our guys in the military miss home cooked meals. Some of them had never even had scratch made cookies before. I made sure everyone had at least one taste before my husband's orders were up.

When we moved to a smaller location catering was no longer an option. And once again, neither was finding good steady employment. So I turned my hand to gardening and learning some new types of cuisine. After unpacking our library for the sixth time I also started looking into ebooks. That led me into a whole new world. I had a lot of free time so I began converting our library. Then I began converting some of the stories I had written. Then I learned about www.smashwords.com.

After careful research, and reading Mark Coker's guides, I formatted and published my first book Keep Her Safe. It was a story I had written, for myself and a few friends, years before. My husband was once again deployed and I decided it was time to settle myself down and build a solid work from home experience. The last year has been a real eye opener for me. I've learned so many things and had so much fun. I plan to continue with this career path for as long as I can, and my husband fully supports my plans. Now I can work from wherever we live, or even from my smartphone. I've published several books now, including two sequels to my first book. I have had a lot of fun writing all of them, and hearing from the people that have read my books.

My husband will be returning soon and we are both looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. He also says he is greatly looking forward to helping me edit my books, and try out anything I want to write about. I hope everyone that follows me also enjoys my books, and sympathizes with my husband/test subject. After twelve months of separation he is in for a serious cardio workout.

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