Big Changes! I'm starting a publishing house!

Sometimes life just gets so weird and complicated you need to step back and evaluate your situation.

That's what I did recently and a lot of odds and ends fell perfectly into place. Not that it was luck or chance that it happened. These were all things that I had worked hard to cultivate, grow, and develop. And it is finally time to put them together to good use for myself.

So now I am opening my own publishing house, Three Furies Press, LLC. together with Isa McLaren and Julia Allen. 
We ignite fires and inspire readers!

We already have a few authors asking if they can work with us and we are thrilled to announce that not only are we open for business but we already have a full roster of books to publish for the majority of this year. Some are simply republishing our own books, like my Mab's Doll series, that we got the rights back for. Others are new books that have never been published before. All of them are written by amazing, hard working authors and cover several genres.

As you can probably guess I am incredibly stoked about doing this and I hope you will follow along with me as I continue my journey as an author and small business owner. 


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