Weekly Writing Prompt

My good friend Lyssa Medana over at https://alwaysanotherchapter.co.uk/2019/07/01/writing-prompt-1st-july-2019/
posted a prompt this morning that was right up my alley. I hopped right on it as the story was just pouring out of my head. It was a picture of an open book, a quote about doing the impossible, and the hint of hunting trolls. Well, if you've read my Mab's Doll series you know what the trolls are like there. So this is what I came up with.

Rebekah smoothed the leaf pile flat, careful to maintain the mixture of maple and aspen leaves with pine straw and sticks that laid cover to all of her wooded acreage behind her house. She stood up slowly, wincing as her knees popped.
Years of sitting at her desk writing had robbed her body of some of her flexibility and while her large muscles were still strong, the finer muscles around her knees and ankles were getting weak.
“Well this is one way to get a workout in”, she thought to herself.
Oddly, digging the holes in her backyard had been easier for her than covering them with the camouflage that would keep them unseen. A country girl all her life, she was quite adapt at hard manual labor. A flexible mind had allowed her to transition easily into computer work too. But nothing had prepared her for the mindless droves of trolls she had encountered there. Or what they would do.
The trolls online had grown mad on their perceived power. While they had been easy enough to ignore online, when they doxxed her, the problem had reached her at home. Living so far out in the country meant that their normal methods of "attack" didn't work. No company delivered pizza anywhere near her house, and the trespassing signs under the only lights for acres kept call girls from showing up at her door no matter what they were promised online. So the trolls had taken it on themselves to sneak onto her property.
Rebekah grinned to herself, listening to the rustle of the deer as they slowly made their way through the woods around her. They thought it wasn't hunting season, and that was true for them. Slinging her rifle over her should Rebekah made her way uphill to her back porch where her cup of coffee and notebook were waiting for her. The trees had been trimmed meticulously to allow full range of view from her elevated location where she did most of her work now.
“Those silly trolls, thinking they could intimidate me at my home”, Rebekah laughed to herself. The bobbing heads of her tomatoes caught her eye. The stalks and leaves in her garden had recently become a dark green that almost looked waxed, they had become so healthy and well fed in the last few days. “I’m going to have my best canning season ever!”