Friday, April 7, 2017

I helped write a movie. Now we need help.

             On the path to Hell, a serial killer brings his talents to a small country town.

Support The Line

On Friday April 7th an Indiegogo campaign to collect production funds for The Line will start it’s six month long drive. The Line is written by Jin Okubo, author of Love, and will be directed by Jimmy Lee, founder of the Unity Film Festival. Production is scheduled to take place this fall at a derelict farm in California. The Line is a psycho thriller about a group of murders that the FBI believes are all related to the same person, an unnamed and unknown serial killer.

In a world of remakes, prequels, and sequels, we’re looking to make something new.  We’re working to capture again the feeling of meeting the monster in the dark, an unknown killer, without basing it on someone else’s character. The depravities and impulses of the human mind are as unique as the individual. And no one makes a better monster to humans than another human. This is the story we want to tell, want to share with the world, but we need help to make the horror come alive.

Remember in Silence of the Lambs, how you felt when Jody Foster was in that basement. Through the night vision you can see the utter fear and helplessness in her eyes. In a way you could taste that damp air she was breathing. We have a great story, now we need the funds to hire fabulous actors and crew to finish it. Let's show the world that great acting still exists and great stories can still be made.

In making, and funding, this short film we are striving to show you what can lay hidden behind a human face. And in order to do that we encouraging our backers to help us, in more ways than just money. We have several interesting perks that will make you a part of the film itself, not just a sponsor or patron. Check out the Indiegogo Campaign The Line Short Film to see how you can join us, and our killer, in our movie.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Women Want a handy guide

  With Valentine's Day coming up I thought I would write a quick handy guide to explain what women really want.

  It's really easy, especially when you think about who women are. So I'll break this down a little and first I will explain who women are.

  Women are people. Period. The end. We make up slightly more than half the population. We come in all heights, weights, colors, and abilities. (Just like men!) We have differing tastes in style. (Just like men!) We have differing hobbies. (Just like men!) We have differing ideas of romance. (Just like men!) We have differing tastes in food. (Just like men!) We like a wide variety of things. (Just like men!)

  So now that we've talked about women, let's talk about what you should get your special someone that is a woman.

  I have no clue.

  See, I don't know her. I don't know her likes. I don't know her dislikes. I don't know what you, as a couple, think is appropriate spending for a shared holiday.

  So here is my advice.

  Ask her.

  Pretty easy right?

  But, Rebekah! (You might say.) My girlfriend/guy friends/dad/uncle/media tells me that women want men to read their minds and they will get angry if I don't already know what they want!

  To which I reply, Bullshit.

  You're not a mind reader. Everyone already knows that. And you know what is really damn sexy? Having someone you love come up to you and say, "Hey babe, what do you want for Valentine's this year?" or "So did you want to do something new this year, or just the same ole thing?" or even better "I want to know what you want, and what you want to do." Nothing is sexier than having someone listen to your wants and needs and then act on it.

Because at the end of the day what makes us feel loved the most is having a partner that listens and cares and is willing to go out of their way to make us feel good. (Just like men!)

Monday, July 4, 2016

What a day!

Yesterday I finally managed to get ten some decent sleep, nearly six solid hours! When I woke up I realized what a mess the house was. I had been picking up things but hadn't actually cleaned anything. I roused my husband from his office, he was spacing out watching YouTube videos, and got to work. We cleaned the whole house, then got to work on cooking.

Our weeks have been so hectic over the last few months that I've started cooking a weeks worth of meals on Sunday. I didn't have time last week so I wanted to make up for it this week. So I planned to try several new recipes. With a bit of help from my husband I made more than enough. There hadn't been enough time, or brain power, to make up a menu or shop so I used what I already had on hand.
I started with spinach soufflĂ© stuffed meatloaf. I made a dense meatloaf mixture, pressed it into the sides and bottom of a loaf pan and covered it with sliced ham. I then sliced mozzarella into strips and lined that down the middle. I finished filling it with spinach souffle. Once full I folded the sides down and sealed it. There was some cheese leftover so I used that to top it and baked it till it was a golden brown. 

Chicken was on sale so I bought a lot of it. I sliced some boneless breasts and marinated them in some terriyaki marinade I made up. Once they were ready I covered them with pineapple, peppers and onions. The whole mixture went into a covered baking dish. Once it was cooked there was a fair bit of liquid. I mix up a cornstarch slurry and thickened it into a sauce.

The remainder of the chicken breast was marinated in a balsamic mixture then baked. Once it was cooled I sliced it thin. I followed that up with mushrooms, green pepper, onion, green olives and soaked them in a homemade vinaigrette. Topped with penne straight from the pot and covered with a tight lid all of the flavors co-mingled into a delicious pasta salad with chicken.

The day before I had cooked up a pot of beans with the skin from our homemade smoked bacon. I mashed them into a 9x13, topped it with spicy salsa and quesadilla cheese. That didn't last long. My husband kept eating throughout the day and finished it off last night. Obviously he enjoyed it. I managed to sneak some for myself once he was stuffed. It was easily the best bean dip I'd had in a long time.

After that all I had was leg quarters which I split into thighs and legs. The thighs were skinned, coated in starch, and baked with Cholula, Texas Pete, and vinegar buffalo style. I added baked potato and corn on the cob. To go with that I made some buttermilk ranch dressing.

Next was the legs that I baked crunchy country style. It seemed incomplete so I made up a pot of raspberry BBQ sauce to go along. That might sound weird but it's lower in sugar, better in flavor and more importantly I had the ingredients on hand.

Making hte BBQ sauce reminded me I still hadn't tried the pickles I had made last week so I pulled them out of the cupboard for a taste test. I'm new to making pickles but they were easily the best kosher pickles I had made yet. 

Now I have plenty of food all ready to eat in the fridge. I can devote the rest of the week to working, writing, and not have to deal with take out or delivery. As fun as it is some times to go out to dinner I prefer home cooking over everything. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Truth Revealed

Brandy has been working so hard for so long and sacrificed so much, but it has finally paid off. All those nights of studying and working while ignoring her love life are over. She can finally let her hair down and enjoy herself.
Adam has waited patiently hoping she would take him seriously and not just as a casual flirt. Now that she has gotten her big break he's not waiting any longer. He's determined that tonight is the night and he will do anything to make her see the truth about how he has always felt about her.
The truth has a way of changing everything.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Melissa's Men

Melissa's Men takes place at the same time, and at the same event, as the first Brandy book. While Brandy is off taking her first steps with Adam her friend Melissa has decided she won't be outdone. When she bumps into her ex she knows just how the night should go. A group event is just the start of her experiments. Tommy is more than willing to show her what she missed out on when she left him. And how much better things can be when you ask for what you want.

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Two Faced Wife

What do you do with a husband that always has his eye out for other women? You put on your face before you go out and tell him to come find you.

"Another amassing book by this author. There is so much detail in the good parts that u feel as though ur there. You don't miss a thing. GREAT READ!!!!!!!"

Tim's wife Laura has been sneaking around. He doesn't want to believe that she could be cheating on him. But when she sends him a to do list that sends him all over town, he fears the worst. The list seems to be designed to lead him to a very specific place where a very hot blonde is waiting for him. He's not sure if its a trap or a coincidence when she propositions him. But he does know that something about this woman will make him test the limits of his marriage vows. And hopefully will show him the face his wife has been hiding.

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