The Yellow Hoods - Breadcrumb Trail

doesn't he look dashing?

I'm sure you guys remember that I did a post earlier about book one of this series by Adam Dreece, Along Came a Wolf. This is the second book in that same fine, exciting, adventurous riot. And of course you can’t spell steam punk without pun. Even some of the names are puns. So are the chapter titles. Which really makes me laugh.

And while the first book was a look into this world and the people this one, like the title suggests, gives you a look back to where everyone came from. Normally, books that jump around the timeline a lot feel annoying or not very well put together, but this book is not like that. Every time you get a flashback it is not only pertinent it is also well executed.

While we explore Richie’s history, and the history of the Tub and Fare groups, the plot still continues on. The Yellow Hoods have continued saving people and gaining new friends. Those friends are introduced in this book, so are old enemies, new enemies, and even a few new allies. And it is obvious very quickly that Nikolas and the Yellow Hoods will need all of the allies they can get. Because the world is changing, so are the kingdoms and the people that live in them. And the Yellow Hoods are getting swept up in the chaos and will have to fight their way through, saving as many of their friends as they can.

This was an incredibly fun tale and I really look forward to finishing the rest of this series, which you can find here.