Ragged Heroes

Ragged Heroes

This is an epic anthology of epic stories in epic proportions. And at the time of this posting it is still on sale for 99 cents. So run out and buy this NOW! Look at all these stories by amazing authors!

The Heroes’ Tales 
Reaper of the Flame by M.L. Spencer 
Blood and Stone by Phil Tucker 
Another Chosen One by Daniel Parsons 
The Skincutter’s Daughter by Joshua Robertson 
The Thorn Witch L.F. Oake 
A Tale of Two Thieves by Sara C. Roethle 
Whips, Toothpicks, and Doorstoppers by Stevie Collier 
Heart of a Shadow Child by Brandon Bar 
Broken Honor by Megan Haskell 
The Wolf’s Law by Jonathan Yanez 
Falling Ashes by Laura Greenwood 
Curse the Dead by Logan Keys 
Warmarked by David Estes 
Death Bane by J.T. Williams 
Redemption Day by Jason Paul Rice 
Ragged Heroes by Andy Peloquin 
The Wizard of Bastion by Susan Faw 
The Last Ashosi by Oz Monroe

AND! It's over 300 pages. There are so many names on here my blog won't let me tag them all! 

Did I mention it's epic? And these aren't your typical heroes either, as the name implies. Some of them are downright dastardly. (Joshua Robertson) And some of them made me laugh WAY too much. (Daniel Parsons) It's also given me a great insight into the writing styles and quirky minds of several new authors and has helped me flesh out my TBR list nicely for the rest of the year. unfortunately it is way too long for me to be able to go through and talk about each of them, but without a shred of doubt, you should go out and get this collection of stories so you can see why I'm so dastardly amused by it all. 

95/5 stars. If my math is right.