Writing Challenge

My dear friend and fellow author Lyssa Medana does a fun little writing prompt challenge over on her blog. Recently I have been overworking my brain, pouring out book after book, while running a business, while editing books, while supervising graphics, while setting and keeping schedules. My brain is slow and crunchy now, but I still want to write. So I am going to do her little prompt which will keep me at a word cap and see where this goes. If you want to see the prompt it is here

Jenny kicked her car door shut, struggling to keep the grocery bags in her hands from spilling and saying the weekly shopping day prayer "Please don't tear, please don't tear," to the stretched thin plastic bags holding her heavy assortments of canned goods and baking essentials. She scurried up her walk, trying to make it to her door as quickly as she could without jouncing the cheap bags while struggling to pull her keys out of her pocket. Last week they had spilled all over, crushing the flowers in her garden. If she could just remember to take in her reusable fabric shopping bags she wouldn't have to deal with this hassle every week. But of course she had left them in her house by the front door this morning as she went out. Placed there so she wouldn't forget about them. As usual, she had stepped right over them as she raced to not be late for work.
Keys in hand, she stepped up to her door, and with herculean effort lifted her arm covered in the plastic loops of the bags to unlock her door. It took three tries before the bolt slid back and she was able to lower her shaking arm enough to twist the door knob and push open the door. As she did so she saw the old coffee pot she kept on her stoop that she used to water her hanging plants. It should have been empty, but instead it was filled with a wild bouquet of flowers in pinks, reds, and even golds.
"Well that's unusual," she muttered, her arm giving way under the weight she had stacked onto them. "I wonder..."


  1. Ooooh! Sounds very intriguing. I totally empathise with Jenny. Thank you for visiting!


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